What’s in your toolbox? Go ahead take a peek in there! A hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench are just a few common things found in the typical man cave tool box. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for when things go wrong with your vehicle, mower, or household appliances, but what happens when something goes wrong with YOU? Do you run to the doctor or do you take time to access what your body might be trying to tell you?

I am unsure if anyone ever told you, but you are number one in your world. Your priority should be taking care of number one! So how do you begin to take the necessary steps to take care of you? Here are a few suggestions!

1: Meditation/Prayer time daily! The gift of “you time” is incredibly important. So place in your toolbox a watch to remind you that meditation and prayer time is incredibly important to your healing journey!

2: Music. Music feeds the mind, body, and spirit and helps you to relax. I personally like flute and water music, but feel free to choose what makes your soul sing and place it in your toolbox.

3: Books. Books can be an incredible way to relax and feed your mind! Choose wisely as I consider books to be brain food. Find a few good books and place them in your toolbox.

4: Meditation decks. I use meditation decks in order to attain keywords and affirmations that I then use in my meditation and prayer time. Carefully select a couple of meditation decks and place them in your toolbox.

5: Crystals. God sure created amazing beauty when He created the crystal. What crystals are you drawn to, or what crystals are calling your name? Crystals can be very good allies during meditation time and help keep you protected and focused. Select a few and place them in your toolbox.

Not what you were expecting right? Well this is what some refer to as their spiritual toolbox! The spiritual toolbox just like the man cave toolbox is full of power! How fast will your spiritual toolbox fill up? When will you decide to make it a priority to use the tools in that toolbox to assist yourself on your healing journey?

If you answered right now today, call, text, or e-mail WOW Natural Healing and we can assist you in selecting the best items for your spiritual toolbox and healing journey!