WOW Medicine Horse Clinics

Combining the Gifts…WOW Medicine Horse Clinics

WOW Medicine Horse Clinics combine the God given gifts bestowed upon Miranda and Tricia, include the horse, and healing prayers to bring about God’s healing miracles. These three day clinics are intense and for those serious about overcoming communication and physical barriers, self discovery, facing and overcoming fears.

Miranda has many energy healing gifts, including the Reiki Master Teacher degree. Her God given gift of seeing energy in the form of rods, planes would prove to be an invaluable gift when working with horses with lameness issues, difficult horses, and the list goes on. This gift allowed her to explain what dressage movements each horse needed based on the energy flow and what was visible in the auric field. This greatly accelerated the healing process for the horses they worked. Miranda is also an animal communicator or as some say a horse whisperer!

Tricia essentially grew up riding and training horses. Although she had to work at it, she was determined and passionate about the horse. She felt a connection that she couldn’t understand that kept her going back for more. Her skills are so incredible, and she believes in allowing things to flow during training/instructing and to allow horse and rider space to grow and develop confidence in their skills.

Quitar Do Top, is one of WOW Equestrian’s most talented medicine horses. His name is Portuguese and translates to release or remove. He has greatly assisted many in purging many negative emotions!

Clinics are generally three consecutive days. Miranda works with the rider first with Reiki and or Chief. Tricia then gets some time to get to know the horse both on the ground and in the saddle. Then Miranda and Tricia both work with the horse briefly and then add the rider back in. Many times the issue between horse and rider is that of fear. Fear based riding leads to miscommunication between horse and rider. This commonly creates energetic cords which Miranda can see and assist in removing. As soon as Miranda gives the ok, the rider mounts and Tricia will begin instruction with the rider. Miranda may ask them to stop several times to clear energy away or to pass a message from horse to rider. These clinics provide three intense days of training and self-discovery for both horse and rider. By the end of the clinics, most agree they feel more confident in their skills and also in basic communication with their horse.

The cost for these clinics varies based on the number of days (recommend 3 consecutive), how many lessons, and healing sessions you desire. Stabling for your horse is available. Contact us for details and pricing.