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by | Jan 2, 2022

Welcome to the WOW Enterprises Genetics home on the web! (Formerly 2M Farms Pedigree Project)

Project creator/researcher: Miranda Tarr owner/breeder of 2M Farms Nubians in Central Indiana. I started with goats in 1990 and sold out in 2005. Countless hours of research and networking with breeders all over the country have went into this project. Thanks so much for all of the support and encouragement over the years.

Project requirements. All animals must be registered. Show, milk, and or Linear Appraisal scores are required. This is rock solid evidence of an animals ability to reproduce itself and is the foundation of this project. The rules and regulations for the project are not impossible, but at the same time they are very prestigious for animals and breeders alike to attain! See the WOW Enterprises Genetics Project Requirements page for specifics.

A special thanks to:
Leslie Sensing of Hagler Farms in Tennessee
Robin/Dennis Herrell of IR-Ranch in Indiana for the start of the Alpine BSG book.
Deborah Smith of Rimfire Farms in Ohio (In Loving Memoriam)
Molly Saal of Us-And-Udders in Ohio (In Loving Memoriam)
Breeders across the country who keep me up to date with herd information including photos.

For more complete information please see the Facebook page for this project!

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