Mission Accomplished

Senhor Do Top Lusitano Stallion Foaled: 08/09/98 Brazil-05/16/17 Marion, Indiana. Unicorn Pegasus with access to the Spiritual Healing Book. Worked with Saint Germain during his Earth Walk. Rest in Peace Sir.

Channeled Message from Senhor Do Top 05/18/2017 @ 1215am.

Born amongst many equines and had big but special and unique dream to bring into light of the world. A deep desire to find my passion and divine purpose. But amongst many how would my special human ever find me? All I could do was trust the Universe and then one day I met unique. A lady came to ride me, flew me home, and long trailer ride home I met new herd mates and again lots of horses. How could I ever get them to understand me? But God makes no mistake! I came home kind of broken from past life traumas but this unique lady, unlike the men from before, she understood me and like wind of change blowing around the Earth Mother a little at a time, I was able with her help, and her friends help to discover who I really was. Well I thought that was my final destination spot, but then we move several times some moves with even more horses, and sometimes I worry I get lost and just be another horse, but no fear, no fear. These two ladies made sure I was top priority. Then we arrive here (Marion, Indiana) to this amazing space of healing. Before here, I like to say my life was grand, but when we came here and I got my wings and unicorn the most precious ascended gift, I finally discovered self. I like to say there is no greater gift or blessing in the Universe than to be alive and dancing on all four feet and then by the grace of God when you feel like it wings! But those two unique ladies, they no stop there, they helped me to help others two legged and four legged beings to do what I did myself. There is no greater gift than to be able to give back. At first I thought my mission for life was going to be impossible and then I met these two fine, loving, and compassionate women who changed my life forever and ever Amen. Now I am an ascended one, a healer who will continue to heal the Universe for centuries to come. You helped me to complete my mission and I want to thank you. I had tried to complete this for several incarnations, but never had I had an experience where I was so alive and so loved to the very end. Now I pledge to help you from the other side as I try to repay you for all that you did for me. I passed my spiritual book to herd mate WOW Giovanna and I am here for a very short period of time to integrate that book to Giovanna. I will assist and guide her during the process. I believe Channel has figured out that I am also here to assist in Rico’s dream of dancing yet again. I bless you from the Other Side, my love to the Universe. Always remember my love that humans will do human things, but spiritual things last for eternity.

Love Always ~Senhor Do Top

For those who feel led we will be doing a Horses as Healers meeting in loving memory of Senhor Do Top Wednesday June 7, 2017 at 7pm at WOW Equestrian. May your royal soulful eyes keep watch from above and your whinny dance, as only you could do it Sir, continue on center stage in Heaven.

In a Channeled Message Senhor Do Top later indicated that he has changed his name to “Zorro,” so if you wish to call for his assistance, please call on “Zorro.” He is a very powerful ascended unicorn pegasus there to assist you! Zorro healing sessions are now available! Do you desire to have an all natural very euphoric experience, then the Zorro healing method may be for you! Contact us today for more details.

If you had the honor/ privilege of riding Senhor Do Top or experiencing a healing with him please describe your experience below in the comments. If you have called upon Senhor/Zorro or he has visited you after crossing over please describe your healing experience as well.