Many of us from the time we are little dream of having and or riding a horse. Unfortunately too few of us get to experience this reality. Maybe you enjoy watching horses run in a pasture, brushing, or riding a horse. For the serious horse addicts out there horse therapy is real. We believe there is more than meets the eye to horses and healing.

Just like humans, horses are energetic beings. As we began to work on an energetic level with the horses we noticed many unique and mysterious things about them.

1: They each have their own unique gifts just as we humans do! We notice some helping riders build confidence, while others were helping the rider to gain balance and feel safe in the saddle.

2: Some horses appeared to be able to see or perceive the energy field or the auric field.

3: They want to heal not only themselves and other horses, but even desire to assist humans on their healing journey.

The horse became very intriguing to us because the more we understood about the horse, the more the horse seemed to want to teach us. This lends an entirely new meaning to the term life long learner! For those reading this that consider themselves horse whispers you understand. Horses have a deep desire to communicate with us, but let us not forget that communication is a two way street! So not only do they want you to tell them all about your day, they want you to listen. So you are not an animal communicator, no big deal! Listen for the following: licking, chewing, snorting as they are all positive signs. However just like anything else the more you practice the better you will get at reading and listening to what your horse is attempting to communicate to you.

After several years of working with the horses with Reiki energy healing we and the horses grew into a deeper level of balance and harmony. Amazing healings began to take place and a deeper understanding was unearthed. Types of horses:

1: Medicine horse: These horses can read or perceive the auric field and communicate with a horse whisperer or animal communicator what a person or another horse is experiencing. They can also make subtle changes in the energy field of the other being.

2: Pegasus: The pegasus is a winged horse. These wings are etheric and form off the horses sides. We have discovered that all pegasus work with an ascended being such as Archangel Raphael in their healing work. Many people who are energetically aware can feel or even see the wings. We actually captured a picture of Quitar Do Top, a Lusitano Stallion being ridden, where his etheric wings were visible. Look closely for the iridescent blue.

3: Unicorn: The unicorn is unique because they have the gift of projecting energy. You might say you can feel their presence when you get near them. The unicorn “horn” is the energy being projected from the third eye chakra.

Do you think that you have one of these incredibly sensitive horses in your barn? Need assistance with how to handle them or communicate with them to achieve a harmonious relationship. Please contact WOW Natural Healing today!