Are you ready to go out on a date?  How do you select where you will go and what activities you will do?  Let’s face it; it is all about the ambiance! How the place feels, the lighting, and the food.  Ambiance sells the place or the venue, and all you have to do is show up and prepare to be entertained, wined, and dined.  Have you ever asked yourself or your date how you feel when you leave?  Is life really all about the place and what the place has to offer? If so why?  There are billions of places all around the world full of materialistic things.  So why is it that we in the human experience are willing to pay hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars on ambiance that lasts for several hours?  Take a few minutes and think about a few of what you might consider to be top notch ambiance places. What appealed to you the most and why?   Ambiance is generally defined as the atmosphere of a place.  The space, associated people, lighting, sound and the list goes on, all draws you in.  I would agree that ambiance is nice, but generally we can only spend a few hours in this space.  However when asked to take care of our body, mind, or spirit, we squeak the breaks or make a U-turn and again settle for the ambiance.

My question to you would then be, if it is that important for a few hours or days, should our space that we create and later call home, not be more important?  Many refer to it as their sacred space, where they can let their guard down and relax. They protect this space, allowing only certain people to come and go there. Potentially there is mood lighting or relaxing music playing off in the distance.  Places with ambiance deluxe generally serve food.  Food that makes your mouth water, it is fresh and cooked especially for you. So I ask you, how do you feed yourself?  Not necessarily literally, but spiritually.

For the sake of this article let’s say that you attend church on Sunday.  Obviously this is one way to spiritually feed yourself; however in dissecting this would you not consider this to be a stale spiritual life.  Would you eat food that you cooked last Sunday? Probably not!  Spiritually we all need to be fed and taken care of.  Prayer and meditation time are just a couple of ways that we can feed ourselves on a daily basis.  So why do most of us run or create other activities to distract us from reality?  The reality that we tend to avoid the most is the spiritual world and our spiritual life.  The cost is little, but when time is invested, seeds are planted, and the garden weeded it can drastically change our harvest!

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