Happy Anniversary! Allow us to explain. January 7, 2012 had been flagged as an important date in the trance. Although at the time we were unsure why…we knew it was significant. Miranda had awoken at 3am that morning. She laid there meditating when suddenly she heard God say…the time is now. So she woke up her roommate and asked her assistance into the trance. What came next was life altering! Chief, Miranda’s life time spiritual protector guide, came through. He stated that we were the chosen ones…that he and the spiritual team had been watching our daily dedication to God/prayer and energy healing and assisting others on their journey. So one by one we were introduced to these spiritual beings of light. Yes we had read many books about Edgar Cayce and one book on John of God in Brazil and the healing testimonials were simply amazing. As all this continued to unfold right before our eyes we soon realized this wasn’t something to take for granted or only for personal gain. It was something that potentially could change the world. We walked away feeling the energy and completely humbled by God’s presence. We are still completely blown away by all of the amazing healings that we have witnessed right before our very eyes over the past five years! God and the spiritual team have truly blessed us here at WOW Natural Healing.
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