Around the end of June of 2016 Miranda had went out to feed the horses and noticed immediately that Gracie didn’t come in with the rest of the horses. As most know a horse is a herd animal, and generally they stick together as a herd. This was very true of Gracie, so she immediately knew that something was wrong. She found Gracie in the pasture holding up her right front foot, she was in excruciating pain. She was led very slowly back into her stall and left stalled until Tricia returned home. Her hooves were all thoroughly examined and nothing out of the ordinary was found. However upon further examination extra calcification of the bone above the hoof on both front feet was discovered. This condition is commonly referred to as side bone by veterinarians, and there is no veterinary cure. We immediately prayed over the mare and asked for God’s wisdom and knowledge. This mare has taught so many to ride and provided a safe place for students to learn important skills such as balance. We certainly couldn’t ask her to suffer. We agreed that if she didn’t show improvement by August first she would be humanely euthanized. The spiritual wisdom that came forth was that Gracie desired healing. It was then brought to our attention that Chief and the spiritual team have been filing the horses teeth for about two years. Teeth aren’t much different than bone. Would it be possible for the spiritual team to file this excess bone off of Gracie’s front legs? We then asked Chief and the spiritual team for assistance. After the first two psychic surgeries we had noticed improvement in her ability to put weight on her front feet. After the third procedure she took a turn for the worse. She was again holding her right front up. Upon close examination we noticed that an abscess had surfaced just above the hoof on her right front. Puss and bone shavings were slowly seeping out of the abscess. After this healed over the spiritual team continued with four more psychic surgeries. She again popped another abscess, however after the last procedure the leg bones were smooth. No more bony protrusions causing the ligaments and tendons to stretch causing pain. By the middle of August of 2016 Gracie was back in the lesson program and able to walk, trot, and canter again pain free. Miranda saddled and rode Gracie to ensure safety of both horse and rider. The mare was so thankful, what an emotional and humbling experience. How awesome is our God?

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