Elliott is a white with brown spots Jack Russell/Beagle mix that was labeled aggressive at an animal control facility. He was so full of life in the kennel that Tricia decided to rescue him as she knew Stoney her Jack Russell/Corgi mix would train him well. She hadn’t had him long when he was ran over by a full sized truck by a former room mate. She immediately called us requesting psychic surgery before attempting to move him from the road. There were 5 tire tracks of blood on the pavement and he had been ran over in his head and neck area. What are the odds Jack Russell versus full sized truck? As she went to pick Elliott up she heard an audible snap, thinking the worst she loaded him in her truck and took him to the vet. The vet tech came out and stated that he didn’t look well, and she thought she could see brain matter coming from his nostrils. The x-ray showed NO broken bones any where in his precious little body. The snap we believe was the repair of broken bones. He smelled of death for days, he would whine requesting his time on the BioMat daily, some times several times a day. At first he had a very difficult time eating, so he was on soft food. He drinks water differently, and if you look closely at his face you can tell it is out of alignment. He still blows a lot of snot on his off days, but infections are few and far between. We believe there was some residual damage done to the sinus cavity. He runs and plays and does his dog works daily, but his favorite thing is helping with the healing work. His most notable healing moment doing downward dog on a clients heart chakra, wagging his tail as if praying a blessing over the client. He is truly a testimony to God’s miraculous healing work!