The new four letter word that no one likes, in fact people have gotten away from using this word now days. Unlike the rest of the four letter words that just seem to fly out of people’s mouths, television and radio programs, along with social media. Believe it or not, our great country was built on commitment and the lack there of will be our demise.
Let’s take a minute to ensure that we all understand the actual meaning of the word (Definition courtesy of Google). 1: The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. A pledge or undertaking. 2: An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. I completely understand that people do not want to lose their freedom, but what if a commitment actually helped you attain more freedom in the long run? Allow me to explain.
Let’s just pretend that you want to play basketball. Do you think Michael Jordan just woke up one day and began playing professionally? The answer is no! Practice makes better, notice I didn’t say perfect, I said better. Practice is a commitment. Michael desired to do well in the game, and therefore had to show up to team practices and then practice outside on his own time as well! Michael stuck with it, he made a commitment to himself, and I am sure others such as his team mates and coaches. Showing up to the practices and games, signing contracts are all examples of commitment in this case.
So why can’t we be more like Michael Jordan? Why do our commitments no longer hold water? I have heard a million excuses. I do not have time…to which everyone is granted twenty four hours in a day, how you use them is up to you. I can not afford to buy that book that will assist me on my journey, but yet you have the money to go get a Starbuck’s coffee every morning on the way to work. I don’t want to go because my enemy might be there. Please remember we can accomplish more through unity than division. What is your excuse? When will you tell your excuse to take a hike and allow your some day to fall on a week day such as Friday? So long as you have an excuse most likely you will not end up at your destination!
The healing equation and how commitment has played a large roll over the years. I essentially had back issues all throughout my collegiate experience. I was committed to graduating and did with a bachelor of science in animal health technology. Upon graduation things continued to get worse. I went to medical doctors who wanted to put rods and pins in my back. I went against their recommendation, and prayed that God would heal me or bring someone who had the knowledge to heal me. God delivered that person to me, actually several of them. I then had a very full schedule consisting of appointments, affirmations, prayer, meditation, and Reiki classes. Through a lot of self discovery I actually learned how to heal myself with little outside assistance. Then as time went on I began assisting others on their healing journey. Had you told me ten years ago I would be helping others on their journey, channeling, and so much more, I would have intensely questioned you and perhaps told you that you were out of your mind. My point to this story is, sure I have turned people away that thought they could assist me as the energy felt wrong, and not from God. Many times things got very difficult, the pain got worse, or some assignment along the way would bring up intense emotions that literally had me in tears for hours. Did I stop? No, I asked God to heal me and or bring me assistance, and He delivered. What would have happened if I would have stopped? To date hundreds of people would be suffering with emotional issues, headaches, chronic aches and pains and the list goes on, because I decided to duck tail and run after God delivered? I don’t think I have the right to say no, as I have now been called to assist others. I have now been asked to not only make a commitment to myself and my healing journey, but to assist God in healing His Kingdom. What are you being asked to commit to today?
The most important person to make a commitment to is yourself! If everyone made a commitment to love, accept, and forgive themselves, how would the world be different today? Go out on a limb, take a good hard look at your priorities, and then make a commitment to better yourself right now today!