Think back to when you were a small child and you dreamed of owning or riding a horse or pony. What happened to those dreams? Did the hustle and bustle of society destroy your childhood dream? Perhaps you were able to manifest this dream into physical reality? For the sake of this article I pray the latter occurred, but if not perhaps the next time you are blessed with being in the presence of a horse, you will be able to get the most bang for your buck! How you ask? Read on!

Animals often symbolize different things to each of us, but most commonly the horse represents strength and power, movement or travel, and freedom. The horse demonstrates their power to us in many ways, but most commonly by pulling wagons/buggies (movement/travel) or heavy logs. Just think many of our ancestors used horses and wagons to move people and their belongings from one place to the next. The horse demonstrates freedom by living in herds wild and free in different areas untouched by the human hand.

As you can see the horse has served humanity for centuries in many different capacities, and continues to do so, leaving a legacy of rich symbolism in varied cultures. Overall it has been, and continues to be a very mutually beneficial relationship. Horses certainly have touched many a human hearts over the centuries, and they continue to mystify us with their strength and power.

Since 2008 I have been studying the incredible bond between horses and people. Horses maybe very physically strong, yet they have a healing light side as well, that can assist people on their healing journey. The next time you are blessed to be near a horse, speak an affirmation such as: I am strong and powerful, and allow the horse to assist you on your journey! The horse will aid you in seeing and feeling these vibrations to your core, where hopefully these vibrations will take up residence and become a part of your being!

Generally speaking the horse desires a relationship with people. They are affectionate, teaching us to love ourselves as well. They will lend an ear to an honest telepathic conversation and a shoulder to cry on if need be. The horse does all of this in exchange for a good long brushing or just some affection. Remind them as you are brushing them, that you are brushing away all negativity, and then step back and watch how much more relaxed they become. The positive things we do for another have a way of coming full circle back around to us. We are all simply here to assist one another in walking home. Two-legged or four matters not. Some of my best friends have four legs, and have taught me so much, deepened my connection with God, assisted me in discovering myself, and so much more.