WOW Earth Walks

WOW Natural Healing has partnered with WOW Equestrian to create a WOW Earth Walk. What is an Earth Walk?
*Learn techniques to keep you grounded and focused on your dreams and goals!
*Discover who you are and who God/Source/Creator created you to be!
*Walk in nature and even with the animals (dogs, cats, and horses)!
*Learn some basic techniques of animal communication!
*Meet and network with other like minded people!
*Experience Young Living Essential Oils!
*Experience a WOW Rocks Meditation!

When: Saturday July 22, 2017 from 10am to 2pm Where: WOW Natural Healing.
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The basic WOW Earth Walk package includes a walk in nature with the four leggeds (dogs, cats, horses, and more). Teachings of the day will include general animal communication, an introduction to crystals/stones, exercises you can do to ground and focus your energies and much more! You will also experience crystals/stones through a WOW Rocks Meditation tailored to your Walk and the other Explorer Attendees. You will potentially experience or come in contact with sage, incense, and essential oils. Come prepared to be outdoors i.e. rain or extreme temperatures. Please bring closed toed shoes for when we are around the horses. Some healthy snacks and water will be provided. Please bring your own lunch. Refrigeration is available. Each Explorer will leave with a crystal/stone to serve as a token reminder of what they learned and to enhance their future journey.

Personalize your WOW Earth Walk experience with some extras for a small fee. Before or after your WOW Earth Walk:
*Experience a Reiki Energy Healing Session
*Experience a Chief session
*Ride a WOW Medicine Horse
*Meditate with our Crystal Skulls
*Purchase a Hemi-Sync CD (reduced cost)

***Terms and Conditions apply to adding extras to your WOW Earth Walk! Extras must be scheduled in advance!

Are you interested in hosting a WOW Earth Walk? Please contact us for details. Thanks!

Previous Walk dates:
WOW Earth Walk #1: Thursday September 29, 2016. WOW Natural Healing. 2 Explorers.
WOW Earth Walk #2: Saturday June 3, 2017. WOW Natural Healing. 10 Explorers.
WOW Earth Walk #3: Saturday October 14, 2017. WOW Natural Healing. 3 Explorers.