WOW Nature's Design

This glassware is designed to take a broken down water molecule (due to stagnation, water sitting in pipes) and within three minutes restructure the water molecule as though it came out of a spring. Spring water molecules are constantly moving and flowing and are easily absorbed by the body. This aids your body in hydration, detoxification, and some have even reported increased energy! The glassware doesn’t add anything to the water (sugar, salt, or anything), nor does it take anything away. The shape of the glassware simply restructures the water molecule within three minutes with no filters or electricity required!
Golden Ratio designed Carafes, Glasses, Bottles, Bowls, and Porcelain. Affirmations or the Flower of Life may be added to further enhance the water molecule. Platinum Flower of Life assists one with self love and self confidence. Gold Flower of Life enhances one’s energetic power and life force energy. Rainbow Flower of Life brings about a positive attitude, optimism and happy feelings. White Flower of Life brings about feelings of purity, honesty, innocence, and assists one in broadening their perception.