Solomon’s Touch: The life and work of Solomon J. Wickey

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SOLOMON J. WICKEY· Member of the Old Order Amish faith· Iridologist· Master Herbalist· Born with a God-given gift to heal· Falsely accused of practicing medicine without a license· Widely known throughout the USA and world· Breeds and raises registered Standard bred horses· Happy, fun loving, musician, carpenter, gardener, fisherman; devoted husband, father, brother, friend. Historically, when God decides to send mankind in a new direction, He sends a messenger, or sometimes an entire army to lead the way. Although for thousands of years messengers have been trying to show people the way to achieve perfect, optimal health, each has presented it in a different way, and since God will not be denied, we can expect legions of new messengers shouting with even stronger voices until they finally “get it. Solomon J. Wickey was sent to deliver the most profound message of all; tap into God’s power to heal by sending a coded signal to the body via silent thought. Solomon has successfully demonstrated this method by restoring health where there was little, if any, hope, and improving the quality of life for tens of thousands. The mere possibility of achieving instant results without pain or debilitating side effects, is exciting for those willing to take charge of their own lives; their own health.
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