Co-Creation Code Deck




These vivid cards are a sacred geometry celebration of the cosmic forces of the universe. Resonating to a twelve-tone musical scale, they are a harmonic analog to Divine Powers, Angels, Gods/Goddesses, and Elementals with whom one can interact. The Readings are succinct and speak directly to the participant.

Nicki Skull, author of Alchemical Healing, says, “Rowena Pattee Kryder is one of the most brilliant and creative minds of our times. Once again she has given us a tool that is both exquissitely beautiful in its design, and filled with inspiring content. The Co-Creation Code Deck is an oracular implement with which to access direction on our most important issues. Each card is layered with a broad range of scientific and metaphysical information, makeing it an accessible ‘schoolÂ’ as well as a tool for self-realization. We can co-creation with the intelligent archetypes and elements of the cosmic universe with this deck.”
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